Living The Dream-Clayton Anderson

Clay Space Selfie
Photo by Clayton Anderson

Clayton Anderson
August 2007
Outer Space / International Space Station

Expedition 15 crewmember and NASA astronaut Clay Anderson (MS 1983) nabbed this self-portrait during a spacewalk in August 2007. When speaking about the view of earth from outer space, he says, “It’s extremely difficult to describe in words. Even pictures and video don’t do it justice.” Anderson is the first Iowa State University alum to become an astronaut and now serves as Distinguished Faculty Fellow in Aerospace Engineering.

Positions Available

Three Ph.D. positions, Engineering Mechanics program in mechanics and materials, Anson Marston Distinguished Professor Valery Levitas group

Three positions available to perform work on federally funded projects on modeling stress-induced phase transformations, plasticity, and their interactions at nano-, micro-, and macroscales. For more information and how to apply, click here.

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