Living The Dream – Kara Pohlkamp

PHOTO DATE: 03-20-09 LOCATION: Bldg. 30s SUBJECT: STS-119 Orbit 3 flight controllers under Flight Director Michael Sarafin (WFCR) and David Korth (FCR-1). Photographs of main rooms and backrooms. PHOTOGRAPHER: Devin Boldt
Photo Provided by NASA – Johnson Space Center

Kara Pohlkamp
NASA Johnson Space Center / Houston, TX

Kara Pohlkamp (BS 2005) worked 17 shuttle flights at the guidance, navigation and control console in mission control at the NASA Johnson Space Center. About her responsibilities, she says, “I love working in spaceflight operations because I am an integral part of conducting a mission. It is a challenging, high-stress environment but at the end of the day it is amazing to look back at what we have accomplished. I love watching the International Space Station fly overhead at night knowing I had a small part in building it. I feel honored I was able to be a part of the Space Shuttle program and work its final missions and am enjoying the challenging of helping develop the new Orion spacecraft.”

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