Aerodynamic/Atmospheric Boundary Layer Tunnel

The AABL is a closed-circuit wind tunnel with two test sections include aerodynamics test section and atmospheric test section. The Aerodynamics test section is 8 feet wide and 6 feet high, and the wind speeds varies from 23 mph to 110 mph. The atmospheric boundary layer test section is 8 feet wide and 7.25 feet high with length of 65 feet. In addition, a gust generator works independent of fan speed and can almost instantly increase mean wind speeds by 25 percent. The wind tunnel can be switched between closed- and open-circuit through controlling the door open or not at the first and second corners. The capabilities of AABL include PIV, pressure, and force measurement.

Post-Doctoral Position

Post-Doctoral Position in Experimental Phase Transitions and Plasticity Under High Pressure

Post-doctoral position at Iowa State University is available starting Summer/Fall 2019 to perform experimental research on coupled plastic flow, phase transformations, and other structural changes under high pressure and torsion of a sample in rotational diamond anvil cell. Experience with in situ high pressure experimentation and/or x-ray characterization of stresses and structural changes in materials at the micron scale is desired. Close collaboration with theoretical / computational collaborators and with Ames Laboratory of DoE is expected. Please email your application to Prof. Valery Levitas

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