Icing Wind Tunnel

Refurbished in 2014, the Icing Wind Tunnel can simulate super-cooled droplets icing environment and study the influence of ice on airframes or aero propulsion system. The test section is 2.0 m long with 400mm (height) × 400 mm (width) in cross section. Its maximum wind speed is 100 m/s (224 mph) and the lowest airflow temperature is -25°C. The size of water droplets varies from 10 to 100 μm. The liquid water content can be adjusted from 0.05 ~ 10 g/m3.

Currently, Dr. Hu and his research group are studying the icing of aircraft wings, as part of a $360,000 grant from the Nation Science Foundation. The Icing Wind Tunnel is located in the Wind Simulation and Testing (WiST) Laboratory in 1380 Howe Hall.