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Ran Dai
Assistant Professor
Black and Veatch Faculty Fellow
Aerospace Engineering Department
College of Engineering
Iowa State University

Office: Howe Hall 2337
Phone: (515)294-2956
Fax: (515)294-3262

biography Ran Dai joined Aerospace Engineering Department at Iowa State University as Assistant Professor in 2012. She received her bachelor degree from Beihang University and her master and Ph.D degrees in Aerospace Engineering from Auburn University. After graduation, she worked as an engineer in an automotive technology company, Dynamic Research, Inc., and conducted research and consulting in the areas of semi-autonomous vehicle guidance and control. From 2010 to 2012, Dr. Dai joined the Robotics, Aerospace, and Information Networks Lab at University of Washington as a postdoctoral fellow, where she involved in an energy management project with application to the next generation of Boeing 787 aircraft power systems. Dr. Dai’s research focuses on optimal control, energy management, and networked dynamic systems. She is a recipient of National Science Foundation CAREER Award.