Welcome to the webpage for 

Undergraduate Aerodynamics and Propulsion Laboratory (AerE 344)

 2018 Spring Semester

Dr. Hui Hu
Department of Aerospace Engineering
Iowa State University
Room 2251, Howe Hall
Tel: 515-294-0094 / Email: huhui@iastate.edu


Dr. Yang Liu

Office: Room 2242- Howe Hall

Tel: 515-294-0089 / Email: yangliu@iastate.edu


Teaching Assistant:
Mr. Zhe Ning

Office: Room 2242- Howe Hall

Tel: 515-294-0089/ Email: zning@iastate.edu


Mr. Linkai Li

Office: Room 2242- Howe Hall

Tel: 515-294-0089/ Email: linkaili@iastate.edu


Mr. Cem Kolbakir

Office: Room 2242- Howe Hall

Tel: 515-294-0089/ Email: cem@iastate.edu


Mr. Gao Linyue

Office: Room 2242- Howe Hall

Tel: 515-294-0089/ Email: linyueg@iastate.edu


Course Policy & Syllabus

PDF format


Classroom for Lectures:

Hoover 1213

Tuesday  10:00am-10:50am

  • Lectures will be given on Tuesdays only.

  • The lecture time on Thursday Mornings will be used for each group to meet to prepare/write lab reports.


Office Hours:

     Tuesdays           3:10pm ~ 4:00 pm

     Thursdays          3:10pm ~ 4:00 pm    


Classroom for Labs:

Room 1365, Howe Hall for

Lab#01;   Lab#02;   Lab#03; Lab#04;   Lab#05; 

Lab#06;   Lab#07;   Lab#09;   Lab#10; Lab#11;

Lab#12; Lab#08;    Lab#13


Grading Policies:

The final grade of AerE344  will be calculated as:

  • Lab reports (including pre-lab work for 10%)             60%

  • In-class quizzes                                                                  15%

  • Final exam                                                                          25%



Lecture Notes:


Lecture No.

Lecture  Topics  


Course introduction and policy


Similitude and measurement uncertainty analysis


Wind tunnel and water tunnels 


Pressure measurement techniques and instrumentations


Introduction of  velocimetry techniques and instrumentation


Hotwire anemometry: Fundamentals and instrumentation


Laminar and turbulence flows


Technical Basis for Optical Instrumentation


Shadowgraph and Schlieren techniques and instrumentation


Spring Break (No Class/Labs)


Shock waves and De Laval nozzle


Particle Image Velocimetry(PIV): fundamentals and instrumentation  


Bio-inspired aerodynamics and Applications for Micro-Air-Vehicle (MAV) applications


Wind turbine aeromechanics & wind farm aerodynamics


Aircraft icing physics & anti-/de-icing technology


Course review


Final Exam


     Instructions of lab experiments:

Group Division of AerE344 Class

Lab attendance form

Lab group work participation form

Peer Evaluation Form for Group Work

Guidelines for Formal Lab Reports


     Instructions of lab experiments:


Final Exam of AerE344:


                                      Copyright Statement:

   The handouts used in this course are copyrighted.  By "handouts",  it means all the materials generated for this class, which include but are not limited to lecture note, syllabus, exam problems, homework problems.  Because these materials are copyrighted, you do not have the right to give the handouts to others outside this class unless I grant you the permission.

    As commonly defined, plagiarism consists of passing off as one's own the idea, words, writings, etc., which belong to another.  In accordance with this definition, you are committing plagiarism if you copy the work of another person and turn it in as your own, even if you should have the permission of that person.  Plagiarism is one of the worst academic sins since the plagiarist destroys the trust among colleagues without which research work cannot be safely communicated.