Matt Hawkins

Matt Hawkins

Research Interests: Guidance, Navigation, Controls


Major Professor: Dr. Bong Wie

Papers and Presentations:

Bio: My name is Matt, and I am a PhD student at ISU. I am from Bondurant, Iowa. I got my BS from ISU in 2007, followed by my MS in 2009. For my master’s degree I did research on a novel wind energy concept with Dr. Fred Haan.
For my PhD research I am working at the Asteroid Deflection Research Center with Dr. Bong Wie. I am studying GNC (guidance, navigation and controls) for missions to asteroids. I have been working on both asteroid impact missions and asteroid proximity operations. I have presented several papers at conferences, and have published 3 journal articles.
When I’m not working on my research I teach dancing (Scottish, English, Irish, and contra), run long distances, read lots of books, and play board games. 
I plan to graduate in spring 2013 and am currently in the middle of my job hunt.