Aircraft Icing

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Iowa State has been a leading investigator of aircraft icing in the United States, conducting studies on the effects of ice on wings and blades. Through the use of the Advance Flow Diagnostic and Experimental Aerodynamics Laboratory, faculty have conducted research on icing for NASA, General Electric, the Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, and the Air Force, to name a few.

The ISU Icing Research Tunnel is one of only a few icing wind tunnels in the country, and the only one on a university campus. In addition to aircraft icing, researchers are able to explore icing physics, power line icing, and wind turbine icing in order to understand potential problems, and create solutions.

Associated Faculty

Hui Hu
Advanced flow diagnostics and instrumentation
Aircraft icing physics and anti-/de-icing technology
Bio-inspired aerodynamics and unsteady vortex flows and control
Wind energy and wind turbine aeromechanics
Alric Rothmayer
Aircraft and wind turbine icing
Aerodynamic flow control
Flow past unsteady surface actuators.
Aircraft propulsion
Partha Sarkar
Wind Engineering/Wind Energy
Wind tunnel simulations of ABL and unconventional winds (e.g. tornado, microburst) for wind loads; aeroelasticity (flutter) of civil and aero structures
Aerodynamic/dynamic loads and response of wind turbines
Anupam Sharma
Aero acoustics: turbo machinery fan noise
Wind turbine aerodynamics and aero acoustics.
High performance computing