Living The Dream

A big part of what we do is inspire our students to dream of what they can be, and then take the initiative to reach those goals. Recently, the ISU Alumni Association displayed the VISIONS Across America art exhibition in the Scheman Building on campus, and three of our alumni were featured. This exhibit inspired us to create an exhibit of our own in Howe Hall and we’re calling it ‘Living the Dream’. We will handle the details, but what we’d like from you is a high resolution picture file of you at your job and an explanation of the photo. We want to capture the essence of what you do and how you have utilized your degree in your time since graduating from Iowa State University. (Click on the photos below to learn more about the person.) If you are an alum of our department, we want to see how you’ve living your dream! Please contact communications specialist, Clay Paciorek, for more information or if you’d like to participate.

Clay Space Selfie
Clayton Anderson – NASA Astronaut
Richard Schmidgall – Johnson Space Center
Matt England- Flight Test Engineer
Darrell Holmstrom – Pilot
Kara Pohlkamp
Kara Pholkamp – NASA Flight Controller
Rockwell-Collins-Shaun Humes
Shaun Humes – Senior Systems Engineer
Dennis Muilenburg
Dennis Muilenburg – President, CEO, and Chairman, Boeing
Phil Jasper
Phil Jasper – Executive Vice President and COO, Rockwell Collins
Kim Pastega
Kim Pastega – 787 Vice President, Boeing