Who are we?

AMP is an Iowa State student organization that provides opportunities for students to both share and receive advice and guidance from experienced individuals. We provide opportunities for one on one mentoring which serves as a basis for personal, professional, and cultural development.


What do we do?
We pair undergraduates with experienced upperclassmen, graduate, and industry mentors to foster success. There is more information on each of our programs via the navigation menu!


We understand how difficult both school and life can get and we care about our fellow classmates. With many experienced students all from different backgrounds there will always be someone who can help you while you are a student here at Iowa State.


Are you looking for help?
Whether it’s getting through college, transitioning into graduate school, or transferring into the real world we’ve got someone for you! Please reach out to us at amp.isu@iastate.edu to get started.


What can you do to help?
If you believe your experiences and knowledge can benefit fellow students please reach out to us at amp.isu@iastate.edu to get started!