Undergraduate Mentorship Program

Undergraduate Mentorship Program

This program pairs experienced and knowledgeable upperclassmen with underclassmen who are seeking advice over career paths, professional development, and educational goals. These Mentors aid in the growth of their Mentees by drawing from personal experiences and challenges that they have faced here at ISU and in the real world. If you are an underrepresented or international student we also have individuals from similar backgrounds who can specifically help you succeed and answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Mentees will meet one-on-one with their Mentor throughout the semester, depending on availability and interest. Each meeting will have a theme/topic, the suggested topics are:

  • Resume / Cover Letter
  • Academic Success
  • Time Management
  • Applying to Internships
  • Research / Design Projects
  • Leadership Experience

The topic of choice for the week should be coordinated between the Mentor/Mentee to allow for proper preparation. Meeting curricula are short and concise as it is designed to initialize the conversation and go wherever the Mentor or Mentee sees fit.



A huge thank you to the following ISU undergraduate mentors that are participating this semester!


Alexis Moreno

Jason Parnell

Will Searight

Corey Miller

John Nownes

Camden Woods

Layne Droppers

Nicholas Pollock

Brenton Willier

Chris Dardano

Allen Wang

Ryan Story

Todd Nelson

Kwizera Imani

Maciej Batura