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Thomas Ward


American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund

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A computational study of micro-emulsion formation in a porous media

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June 9, 2016-June 9, 2018

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 The proposed work involves a mostly computational study of micro-emulsion formation in porous media. The problem is relevant to chemically enhanced oil recovery where it is necessary to improve sweep efficiency in order to reduce water usage. The problem to be modelled in the miscible displacement of a viscous liquid in a channel and a tube. For chemical enhanced oil recovery the micro-rheological behavior of a micro-emulsion that forms spontaneously at the interface separating two nearly miscible liquids will be considered. The goal is to develop a firm understanding of these type of displacements which are relevant to the efficient removal of oil from porous media along with other natural and engineered systems. The project will produce numerical data for sweep efficiency based on theoretical models for momentum and mass transport while including the effects micro-rheology formation at the fluid-fluid interface. Experiments associated with the project will consist mostly of viscosity measurements. A few proof of concept experiments will be performed to compare with the theory.

Job Openings

Department of Aerospace Engineering Summer Hours

May 7 – August 13, 2018

  • Office hours: 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday-Friday
  • Howe Hall hours: 6 a.m.-midnight, Monday-Saturday; 7 a.m.-midnight Sunday