Complex Systems and Optimization

Complex Systems Header

  • Multidisciplinary Design Optimization
    • A field of engineering that uses optimization methods to solve design problems incorporating a number of disciplines.
  • Control Optimization
    • An extension of the calculus of variations, is a mathematical optimization method for deriving control policies.
  • Complex Systems
    • Any system featuring a large number of interacting components whose aggregate activity is nonlinear and typically exhibits hierarchical self-organization under selective pressures.

Associated Faculty

Ping He

  • Multidisciplinary design optimization
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Aircraft design
  • Machine learning

Leifur Leifsson

  • Surrogate-based modeling and optimization
  • Multidisciplinary design optimization
  • Aerodynamic shape optimization


Kristin-Yvonne Rozier

  • Formal methods
  • Safety-critical systems
  • Biomedical privacy
  • Secure protocols