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Cameron Rayburn

  • Lecturer

Main Office

Howe Hall
Ames, IA 50011-2271
Phone: 515-294-3777


B.S. Aerospace Science Engineering, Tuskegee University, 2001
M.B.A. ITT Technical Institute, 2006
M.S. Aerospace Engineering, Iowa State University, 2014


Cameron joined the department in July, 2012.
After his undergraduate studies, Cameron worked with at-risk students in a TRIO Upward Bound program in the Chicago area as a counselor for four and a half years helping with math, science, & ACT/SAT prep. He then worked as an adjunct mathematics professor and tutor at Prairie State College & South Suburban College for three years, teaching all levels of mathematics from algebra through calculus. His final job before coming to ISU was as a software testing analyst for three years at Applied Systems, Inc. in University Park, IL. Cameron has been a graduate student in the ISU Aerospace Engineering department for the last three years.

Five Fun Facts

  • I am an avid musician in my spare time. I grew up playing alto and baritone saxophone in symphonic and jazz bands. In college, I was a DJ at the closed-circuit campus radio station. I continue to write, produce, record, and perform hip-hop & neo-soul music in my spare time.
  • I hosted an international radio show for over two years. I transmitted from my home and had fans of the show in many different countries. The show was tremendous fun to produce, and I got to interact with many famous artists (some of who even contributed to the show’s production). The show ended when my hard drive crashed and I lost over 90% of my music. It took me a few years to regain most of my music catalog.
  • I am a huge movie/TV buff. I have seen countless movies & TV shows from all eras of the medium. Much of my free time is spent catching up on movies and TV programs. I have an insane amount of random movie/TV trivia rattling around my brain at any given moment. My brain is a bottomless repository for useless knowledge. At one point in the early 2000s, I was in consideration to write movie reviews for the Chicago Defender newspaper.
  • I love baseball. It is really the only sport I follow regularly. I am currently on a quest to visit every major league baseball stadium in existence. My favorite teams are the Chicago Cubs & Chicago Bulls (I know the Bulls are not baseball, but I only like one baseball team! Ha!).
  • When I was a child, I either wanted to grow up to become a baseball player or an astronaut. I have always been interested in space or deep sea exploration. If I had not majored in aerospace engineering, I would have majored in oceanography.