Advanced Materials Systems


Focus Areas

  • Composite Materials and Layered Structures
  • Multi-scale Multi-physics Computational and Experimental Mechanics
  • Micro and Nano-Mechanics and Manufacturing
  • Morphing Structures, Soft and Flexible Materials

Associated Faculty

Ashraf Bastawros Mechanics of soft and flexible materials and structures under combined external fields Surface evolution under stress, electrochemical, and plasma fields Mechanics of interfaces and layered structures
Leonard Bond Ultrasonics applied to nondestructive evaluation (NDE) Advanced diagnostics and prognostics, to estimate safe service life, applied to aerospace and energy systems.
Vinay Dayal Non-contact and non-invasive methods of flaw detection in composites NDE of wind turbine blades made of composites Composite aerospace structures: design and analysis
Stephen Holland Vibrothermographic nondestructive testing. Location of leaks in spacecraft Finding flaws – cracks in metals, delaminations in composites through heat signatures
Wei Hong Mechanics and physics of soft materials Multi-physics modeling and simulation Smart materials and structures Fracture, deformation, and mass transportation Biomechanics
Valery Levitas Stress- and strain-induced phase transformations and chemical reactions Theoretical and computational nano- and micromechanics Mutliphysics theory and modeling
Liming Xiong Development of a Massively Parallel Concurrent Atomistic-Continuum Simulation Tool Atomistic and Multiscale Material Behavior: Fracture, Plasticity, Phase Transformation and Thermal Transport Multiscale Computational Design of Advanced Materials with Complex Microstructures

Aerospace Engineering Hours

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