Degrees and Programs


The department offers degrees in aerospace engineering and engineering mechanics.

Degrees offered include:

  • Master of Science – with thesis
  • Master of Science – with creative component
  • Master of Engineering – course work only option
  • Doctor of Philosophy


  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Engineering Mechanics



Upon admission into the program.

The Master’s degree requires:

  • Minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate credits in research and/or course work.
  • The Master of Science degree program is research oriented and requires a thesis.
  • The Master of Engineering programs include more course work in exchange for less research experience.

The Doctor of Philosophy degree requires:

  • At least 72 semester hours of graduate research and course work
  • Dissertation
  • Must pass a written qualifier examination, written and oral prelims, and a final oral examination.

Contact Information

Hui Hu, Martin C. Jischke Professor, Director of Graduate Education

Maddi England, Graduate Student Support Specialist, 1200 Howe Hall, 515-294-9669,

Information: Iowa State University Graduate College,, 515-294-4531