Guidance, Control, and Astronautics


  • Guidance, control, and flight dynamics
  • Estimation, filtering, and control of uncertain dynamical systems
  • Multi-agent flight control systems
  • Autonomous trajectory planning and optimization
  • Computational astrodynamics
  • Space mission design and space technology for planetary defense

Associated Faculty

Kristin Yvonne Rozier
Formal methods
Safety-critical systems
Biomedical privacy
Secure protocols
Peter Sherman
Estimation theory
Random processes
Dynamical systems
UAV Surveillance and Guidance
(Photo by Christopher Gannon)
Peng Wei
NextGen air transportation systems
Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Airline operations
Airport operations
Bong Wie
Guidance, navigation, and control
Attitude dynamics and control of spacecraft
GN&C technologies for asteroid deflection/disruption
Planetary defense technology flight validation mission development & design