2021 LAUNCH-UAS Research Projects

Accessibility to the different research projects are listed here, as well as in the tabs in the drop-down menu. Clink on each one to learn more about the different LAUNCH-UAS projects as well as the project mentors.

Project 1:

Use of Small Unmanned Aircraft System Data for Transportation Infrastructure Inspections

Project Mentor: Dr. Halil Ceylan

Project 2:

Aerodynamic shape optimization of Unmanned Aerial System wings

Project Mentor: Dr. Ping He

Project 3:

“Digital Twin” nondestructive evaluation models of critical airframe and propulsion system components

Project Mentor: Dr. Stephen D. Holland

Project 4:

Practically realizable Guidance, Navigation, and Control of Multi-Agent Unmanned Aerial Systems

Project Mentor: Dr. A. Ram (Bella) Kim

Project 5:

Learning-Based Framework for Cooperative Delivery System using Drone-Truck hybrid

Project Mentor: Dr. Dae Young Lee

Project 6:

Development of a Common System Bus for use on the HABET Platform

Project Mentor: Professor Matthew Nelson

Project 7:

Autonomous Reasoning and System Health Management of CubeSat Systems

Project Mentor: Dr. Kristin Rozier

Project 8:

Design material for the desired property

Project Mentor: Dr. Azadeh Sheidaei

Project 9:

Rapid Prediction of Upstream Influence Regions for Supersonic Compression Ramps

Project Mentors: Dr. Thomas Ward and Dr. Alric Rothmayer 

Project 10:

Increasing Engineers’ Sensitivity to Ethical Concerns Related to UAS Operation

Project Mentor: Dr. Benjamin Ahn

Summer 2021 – Application now open


Application Due:

February 26, 2021


2021 Summer Program Dates:

May 24-July 30, 2021