Nikki Gupta – Academic Adviser






2621 Howe

Office Phone: 515-294-3776








B.A. Social Sciences, Kansas State University, 1993






Nikki joined the department in June 2016.

I have worked in higher education since 2010. I began my career in higher education at the University of Chicago, working as a Program Coordinator for Career Advancement in the Professional Experience for Graduate Students program. I worked primarily with graduate students by connecting them with the private sector. Subsequently, I worked as the Faculty Affairs Administrator in the Biological Sciences Division at Uchicago. My experience at ISU has consisted of coordinating undergraduate programming for the Aerospace Engineering department until expanding my role to Academic Adviser in the department.

  • I’m from Kansas City (suburb on the Kansas side). I’ve also lived in Boston and Chicago before relocating to Ames in 2015 with my husband and three children. Although I’ve lived in some pretty large sports markets, I’ll always be a Royals and Chiefs fan. Raised Royal! Chiefs Kingdom!
  • I’ve lived on five college campuses from the Midwest to the East Coast.
  • I didn’t utilize my academic adviser while at K-State. Therefore, I am strongly committed to helping students find the value in working closely with me as their adviser.
  • I’ve been on an Indian safari on the back of an elephant – didn’t see a tiger…saw a lot of spotted deer and jungle fowl though.
  • I own the cutest dog in the world. He’s an Australian Labradoodle and his name is Ike.

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