Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation

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  • Structure Health Monitoring
  • Ultrasonics, X-ray, Eddy Current, Thermography
  • Life Cycle and Damage Evolution
  • NDE of Composite Structures

Associated Faculty

Leonard Bond
Ultrasonics applied to nondestructive evaluation (NDE)
Advanced diagnostics and prognostics, to estimate safe service life, applied to aerospace and energy systems.
Dale Chimenti
Ultrasonic study of the propagation of elastic waves in anisotropic, layered advanced materials
Experimental measurements of guided elastic waves in highly inhomogeneous layered composites.
Thomas Chiou
Computer modeling
Signal and image processing
Statistics and artificial intelligence
Vinay Dayal
Non-contact and non-invasive methods of flaw detection in composites
NDE of wind turbine blades made of composites
Composite aerospace structures: design and analysis
Stephen Holland
Vibrothermographic nondestructive testing.
Location of leaks in spacecraft
Finding flaws – cracks in metals, delaminations in composites through heat signatures