Prospective Students

Discover why Iowa State University’s aerospace engineering program is one of the top suppliers of graduates to the aerospace industry.


UG Prospective (Be Creative)2 In the ISU Aerospace Engineering undergraduate program, creativity, hands-on learning, and developing a mastery of engineering and practical skills sets you on a path to the future you envisioned.




G Prospective Be > You Imagined The ISU Aerospace Engineering graduate program will challenge you to be more than you imagined. Rigor and excitement come together to provide the foundations you’ll need to steer your own future.



Aerospace Engineering Hours

The Aerospace Engineering main office and advising offices are closed until further notice. Please utilize email to communicate with department personnel.

Howe Hall regular hours: Monday – Saturday, 6 a.m. – midnight. Sunday, 7 a.m. – midnight. Only those with card access will be able to enter Howe Hall until further notice.

Emergency Howe Hall contact: Jim Benson, Building Supervisor, 515-294-4946