Arunabha Mohan Roy

Arunabha Mohan Roy

Research Interests: Stress- and strain-induced phase transformations (martensitic and reconstructive phase transformations),  large inelastic deformation of solids, continuum thermodynamics and kinetics, instabilities in materials and structures, micromechanics and nanomechanics, phase field approach.


Major Professor:  Prof. Valery I. Levitas

Paper : “Multiple Twinning and variant-variant transformation in martensite: Phase-field approach” Physical Review Letters (under review)

Presentations: Phase Field Modeling of Multivariant Martensitic Phase Transformation and Twinning

Bio: I am a second year graduate student in Engineering Mechanics programme in AE. I am working mainly on Material Science. I did my undergraduate in Civil Engineering from Jadavpur University and finished my masters in Aerospace Engineering from IIT Kanpur in 2011. My hobbies include coin collection, travelling, practicing martial arts and playing soccer.