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Photo Gallery of Icing Physics



icing tunnel testing of the dynamic ice accreting process over the surface of a power transmission cable model (Veerkumar, Gao,  Liu  and Hu, 2020)



(a). Over the upper surface of the airfoil


 (b). Over the lower surface of the airfoil

Glaze ice accretion process over a NACA0012 airfoil with airflow speed V=35m/s, T=-8°C, α = 5.0 deg. (Waldman & Hu, 2015)



              (a). airflow velocity V=15m/s                                       (b). airflow velocity V=20m/s                                                  (c). airflow velocity V=25m/s

Surface water rivulet/film flow over a NACA0012 airfoil pertinent to aircraft icing phenomena  (Zhang, Tian and Hu, 2015)




Comparison of water droplet impinging onto a surface with and without superhydrophobic coating (Waldman & Hu, 2014)

Effects of superhydrophobic surface (SHS) coating on the ice accreting process over an airfoil surface (Waldman & Hu, 2015)



DIP Measurements to reveal the dynamics of droplet impact process (Li & Hu, 2017)



 Rime ice accreting process (Tair=-15.0 OC; LWC=0.30 g/m3)

 Glaze ice accreting process (Tair=-15.0 OC; LWC=3.0 g/m3)

An experimental study on the dynamic ice accretion process over an UAV propeller  (Liu, Li, Ning, Tian & Hu, 2018)


Wake characteristics behind a clean UAS propeller

Wake characteristics behind an iced UAS propeller

An Experimental Study on the Aerodynamic Performance Degradation of a UAS Propeller Model Induced by Ice Accretion (Liu, Li, Chen, Tian & Hu, 2019)


(a). Glaze icing condition of Vair=15 m/s, Tair=-5.0 OC; LWC=2.0 g/m3

(b). Rime icing condition of Vair=15 m/s, Tair=-15.0 OC; LWC=0.5 g/m3

An experimental study on the ice accretion on rotating fan blades of an aero-engine model (Li & Hu, 2017)

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