AERE/EE/ME574 Optimal Control


Designing control logic that commands a dynamic system to maximize performance while minimizing cost is a common objective in such diverse fields as aerospace engineering, economics, medicine, robotics, chemical process control, and vehicle engineering. This course presents mathematical foundations and key algorithms for optimal control of these systems. This course also tries to draw the links among control, optimization and learning.

Acknowledgement: This course is established at Iowa State with lecture notes and class materials kindly shared by Prof. Ping Lu from San Diego State University. Prof. Lu is a former professor at Iowa State Aerospace Engineering.

This website contains basic information about the AERE574 class, including course info, the syllabus, and contact info.


  • AERE/EE/ME/MATH 577, Linear Systems

At minimum a solid undergraduate control course is required that covers sufficiently state-space control system modeling and analysis; contact the instructor if you are unsure about your background.


Canvas is used for the distribution of lecture notes, homework assignments and solutions, etc. Students must register for AERE574 to access this information at Canvas.

Instructor contact

Professor Peng Wei
Tel: (515)294-8215
2333 Howe Hall
Office hours: Wednesday and Friday 11:00am-12:00pm