Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Graduate Student Organization (AEGSO)

The AEGSO Club was initially made up of Aerospace Engineering graduate students to create a collective voice. Today, AEGSO strives to improve both the academic and social lives of its members. Throughout the year, AEGSO plans events to keep aerospace engineering graduate students communication with one another and staying involved.

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Student Branch (AIAA)

With over 145 student branches across the country, it is not a surprise that AIAA has become one of the most popular clubs to join among the aerospace engineering students at Iowa State. AIAA host design competitions, scholarships, and internships. They also provide research help, textbook discounts, and much more. Joining AIAA is a great way to learn about aerospace engineering and have a fun time too.

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Sigma Gamma Tau

The Sigma Gamma Tau society was established at Iowa State in the year 1953. Its purpose is to recognize and honor those in the field of aeronautics and astronautics. The society seeks to foster a spirit of loyalty and fellowships, particularly among students of Aerospace Engineering.

Cyclone Rocketry (CyROC)

Cyclone Rocketry (CyROC) is an engineering team with the central focus of designing, building, and flying high powered model rockets while competing in sanctioned events with other colleges and their students in the United States and around the world. CyROC will also be an avenue for its members to become individually certified modelers of high powered amateur rocketry in national organizations like NAR and Tripoli.

Cardinal Space Mining Club

Cardinal Space Mining Club (fomerly Cyclone(TM) Space Mining Club) is a group of students in, but not limited to, the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The group will annually design and build a robotic mining system to compete in the NASA Robotic Mining Competition. As a result, the members of the Cardinal Space Mining Club will be challenged to create an atmosphere of community and excitement among students, learning from and teaching other students, welcoming prospective students and community members, connecting students with faculty and community through projects, activities, and demonstrations.

Team PrISUm (Solar Car)

Team PrISUm is a multidisciplinary student organization that designs, builds, and races solar powered electric vehicles. We encourage students from all majors and backgrounds to join and help us build and race this innovative vehicle. The team is divided into three main divisions, Electrical, Mechanical and Business that each carry out a core function of the team.

Ames Flyers

Ames Flyers is a organization run by students and is open to anyone in the ISU community that has an interest in aviation. Experience is not necessary to join, the club encourages everyone to join and learn more about aviation.

Other Engineering Organizations